Do you want to develop the skills of students in your College/University?
Do you want to make them employable in best companies across the globe?

SAP certifications can facilitate your students to become employable and be an aid in exploring the immense opportunities of SAP ecosystem. Get the knowledge and skills needed to maximise the power of your SAP solutions – with our suite of training courses, education programs, and SAP certifications. We are redefining the world of education through e-learning with a wide range of high-quality content and optional live access to training systems from SAP. EME enables fresh graduates to be billable from the very first day itself as well as we provide placement assistances to bud there carrer.

SAP provides various options for accessing training and knowledge to suit your circumstances and requirements. SAP's training catalog is designed to help you find the right course for your needs. Whether you are searching for education based on your industry, business size, SAP solution or the way you want your education delivered, our unique methodology of training will deliver you the optimal offering.

SAP courses we provide

EME offers comprehensive training solutions in following SAP products with world class training standards.

SAP Learning Hub student edition

SAP Learning Hub, student edition gives learners access to a vast store of SAP knowledge and training but requires no institutional teaching space or academic funding for implementation. The student edition is available at a much lower rate than standard industry pricing, so institutional subscriptions allow students to avail of high-level SAP instruction at a considerably reduced cost.

A subscription to SAP Learning Hub, student edition offers many benefits for your institution, but involves little administrative or maintenance cost. Learners can access the resource independently once subscription is activated. No hardware, software, or maintenance is required, and SAP provides technical support directly to learners.

  • Do You want to maximise your student skills in SAP technologies?
  • Do You want to enroll your student to have a flying career in SAP ?
  • Are you a registered student, eager to have a SAP career, establishment using SAP or any of the partner organizations of SAP?
  • Now get a competitive advantage by learning SAP just like the SAP professionals through SAP Learning Hub, student edition from us.

To subscribe to the Learning Hub Student Edition, speak to your professor or lecturer to request that your university, college, or higher education organisation makes the SAP Learning Hub, Student Edition available to students. Your university, college or higher education organisation can contact us to find out the process for students to subscribe to Students Learning Hub.

Current data from Central Michigan University Career Services shows that nearly 93% of College of Business Administrations with SAP certification programme are employed immediately after graduation.

To date, many graduates with specialized SAP instruction have received multiple employment offers with such international companies. Due to their extensive knowledge about SAP, many undergraduate students who chose to perform internships are asked to join a company’s SAP team even before they graduate.

SAP Dongle Site License

A server application that colleges are licensed to deploy within the network of the government approved University / College. Client content packages on a dongle that permit content to be accessed by the users within the network. A fixed number of Client Access Licenses that are used for each individual installation of the content package.

Course Details

  • 40 Hours Business Process Course – for all students
  • SAP ABAP- for Engineering and MCA
  • SAP Material Management (MM) – for Mechanical Engineering/MBA Students
  • FI/HR/SD - for MBA students

SAP Success Factors - Complete, cloud-based learning experience for students

Success factors training is available for students of private training institution and other vocational institutions. Success Factors functions as an independent business unit within SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, and desktop to mobile device, the people and organizations using SAP applications can work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. Success Factors works in SAAS Model and is preferred by customers due to its easiness in implementation and maintenance.

The SAP SuccessFactors learning management system (LMS) is the industry’s most highly acclaimed LMS. It enables you to easily develop, deploy, and manage a comprehensive learning program. With features such as automated assignment profiles, structured programs, and multipart e-signature support, SAP SuccessFactors Learning provides the most powerful, flexible LMS available.

Benefits & Facilities to Colleges / Educational Institutions

SAP education is highly demanded in corporate job culture. Following are some benefits of undergoing SAP training.

  • Assured placement drives where reputed SAP companies come to recruit students
  • Readily industry deployable students which attracts more companies for recruiting
  • College credibility goes up & thereby attracting more student admissions
  • On Completion of each module, students will get a course completion certificate from the site itself
  • Global Certification

The student has an option to get a Global Certification by appearing for an Online Examination conducted by SAP.

  • SAP Branding

Colleges/Universities get associated with SAP and SAP logo can be used for promotional purpose as member of SAP Student Academy Program.

Enroll and take the first step for a colourful career of your student in SAP.

SAP in India

Opportunities Created by SAP in INDIA:

  • Over 7,000 employees working directly for SAP.
  • Over 6,000+ companies have successfully deployed SAP ERP in India. 2500+ of them are Small and Medium business. (SMB’S).
  • 21 of the top 25 brands in India run SAP.
  • 25 out of the 40 Largest Indian Companies named by Forbes run SAP.
  • 7 out of the 13 Indian firms named by Business Week in 'Asia's Hot Growth Companies' list run SAP.

Job Opportunities created by SAP in India in (25+) Industries: