SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the administration of business processes, creating solutions that help company’s process data more efficiently and share information more effectively. SAP ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, which allows departments like finance, manufacturing, HR, supply chain, services, procurement, and others to conduct fundamental processes in a single system. Regardless of the size of company, the ERP solutions leverage intelligent technologies to help you alter mission-critical processes and quickly react to change. Continuous upgrades will keep you on the cutting edge, allowing you to scale effortlessly, minimize expenses, and gain new efficiencies. In India, SAP ERP has been successfully implemented by over 6,000 organizations. Small and medium businesses account for over 2500 of them.


Due to the huge demand of SAP software and its applicability there are a lot of scams and illegal activities happening around. These scams are mostly noticed in the form of illegal trainings provided by unauthorized institutions. There are hundreds of such unauthorized institutions all over India providing trainings using pirated copies of SAP software. These institutes collect huge training fees from the students and provide them fake certificates. The certificates are of no use to the students hence detaining them getting a valid job offer. Unauthorized institutes and training institutes have to face serious legal consequences if they are raided out. SAP has established a network of Education Partners across India who provide well-designed and affordable SAP technology training. Before paying any money, prospective students should always check the accreditation of any education center.


EME Education is one of the largest SAP Educational Partner in the country and we make it simple for educational institutions to connect with SAP. The authorized institutes can impart quality trainings and SAP authorized certificates and thereby students can secure a high pay scale job.


What does EME do?


EME Education is direct educational partner of SAP and is driven by professionals with strong Industry Experience. EME trainers are SAP certified professionals who have been approved by SAP Global to ensure the highest quality of training and are widely regarded as the best in the country. We have partnership with International organizations such as SAP, Microsoft, and Cambridge etc and have trained more than 75,000 students in past 5 years. EME is also proficient in delivering large engagements such as CMA – Intermediate student of ICMAI (20,000+ student each year) Skill Development – Karnataka (GTTC – Karnataka, 6000 students each year) and many more.


EME also has the authority to enable authorization for Global certification Program for colleges/universities. Original SAP certificates can be issued to students by authorized SAP power user training institutes. SAP enable now credentials are allotted to individual students on their names. SAP live server is made available to institutes for hands-on practice sessions. Students who obtain certification from authorized institutions receive the best education available, as well as the most up-to-date SAP software and certificates. EME can assist institutes with authorization enablement and training needs.


EME's Train the Trainers program is designed to assist institute trainers and tutors who want to become SAP Module trainers in improving their training delivery skills. We train trainers to be SAP Training experts by teaching them how to complete the proper syllabus and instructing them on how to correct errors and bugs while working with SAP, and we always follow up with them to guide the students in the right training.





How does SAP authorization benefit institutes?


SAP authorization will allow institutes to be recognized as meeting world-class standards and to provide students true SAP expertise. Institutes can customize the course to match their needs while still adhering to industry norms. SAP education helps students cross the competency gap, giving them greater job opportunities. Furthermore, SAP-authorized institutions stand out from the crowd. Students prefer training centers with SAP authorization, therefore institutes can generate more income with the authorization tag. EME can help provide trainer support also. We can train the faculty by providing Simulations and Real Time Scenarios. Upon associating with world leader brand SAP, the institutes will be permitted to use SAP approved association appropriate Logo on their website, certificate of participation and other marketing activities. This is really a benchmark method to get noticed.


How do students benefit from undergoing SAP training from an authorized institute?


SAP certifications are well-known around the world for guiding professionals in the correct direction, but picking the right training institute is still the most crucial step. Students obtaining SAP training from an authorized institute hold many advantages. EME provides complete cloud learning experience for the students. We offer digital learning platform with full access to learning materials and assessments. The courses are specifically designed to keep up the industry trends and students can obtain live/hands on experience also. Students can explore the contents beyond the curriculum and master the topics. Getting SAP certified from an authorized institute helps to secure a job in top companies with high pay scale.

What do our customers say about EME?

The majority of customers were able to improve their business, visibility, and profitability after partnering with EME. Institutes were able to provide their students with the best education available. EME assists institutes in providing students with training on the most demanding software in the industry, as well as in assisting students in obtaining jobs in top companies with high pay scales. EME certification has a high value and will help students stand out from the crowd, improving the reputation of training centers.

EME can also facilitate training for the educators at the institutes and make them aware of the latest software advancements. Getting SAP authorized from EME can make the institutes earn greater income as students get attracted to institutes with authorization rather than not. If you are planning to get your training institute SAP authorized get in touch with us EME.

Advantages of authorized SAP training from EME for Institutes

Few institutes have integrated the SAP Power User Program with their other programs. This can help them grow their business by attracting more students and SAP Power user Program can also be integrated with finance and logistics courses, which will help students advance in their careers. Taking into account of the advantages of EME SAP training the foremost is the digital learning platform we offer. Students are exposed to cloud platform enabling them to learn remotely and access all the study materials. All the resources are available online and can be accessed anytime anywhere. The easy-to-understand study materials, configuration exercises after notes, practice questions, and Citrix SAP logon. The Citrix SAP logon for e learning material is the most intriguing of the bunch. One can find a full form of any terminology, its definition, a practical example, or a cross-check into the system for any doubt or clarification.


Students can get deeper insights about the topics and can read more than the curriculum from the materials provided. Classes are led by experts in industry and hence they can provide industry level practical knowledge sessions.


Many people today are turning to SAP Education for job advancement. SAP Student Academy is the most creative SAP Education delivery channel. SAP's Student Academy program builds on the company's existing ties to higher education. Student Academies are intended to make training more convenient and cost-effective for graduate and post-graduate students interested in a career in SAP solutions.


EME has years of experience in help assisting institutes getting SAP authorized and also provide SAP training for students and professionals looking for career advancement. Authorization is an crucial element for every SAP training institute to help students achieve their goal and excel in career. Absence of authorization may lead to severe legal issues and may even cause the closure of institute. Hence proper authorization from trusted SAP Partners like EME is necessary for institute growth and prevalence. Only trusted partners like EME can support the institutes and help enable hassle free authorization procedures. Keeping upto date with the software updates and versions is also extremely necessary for the training and certification. Get your institute SAP authorized and reap its long term benefits and privileges.


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