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Microsoft Office

IT and Business Professionals across the globe needs Microsoft Office Skills to be employable as mandatory skill sets. EME is offering Microsoft Office Education to our customers as one of our skilling and training programs. You can find more details about this program below.

Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Power point are the credential required by academia and business, recognized globally as the premier credential in the workforce for any profession.

What is Microsoft Excel ?

  • 95% of companies use MS-EXCEL
  • Excel is a part of Microsoft Suite
  • Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application
  • To organize, format and calculate data with formulas

Why Microsoft Excel ?

  • Save time, increase productivity
  • Achieve High Performance
  • Accurate analysis
  • Automation of tasks
  • Visualize, manipulate, and evaluate the data.
  • Perform basic and complex mathematical, arithmetic operations
  • Accounting
  • Data Visualization
  • Interactive Form Designs
  • Mock Examinations
  • Customer Relation Management Tool
  • Preparing organizational and hierarchy chart
  • Data Security

What is Microsoft Word ?

  • Another important software from Microsoft Office suite
  • Graphical word processing software
  • More user friendly

Why MS Word ?

  • Error free documents
  • Converts list to table
  • Mail Merge
  • Create Bibliography
  • Table of Content
  • Built-in Templates
  • Create watermarks
  • Report creation
  • Comparing documents
  • Hyperlinks
  • Create Custom Tabs
  • Converts bulleted list to Smart ArtEnd-Notes and Foot-Notes
  • Tracking the changes in the documents
  • Restrict Editing

What is Microsoft Power point ?

  • Slides based presentation tool
  • Present your ideas using graphics, animations

Why Power point ?

  • Used to express our views
  • Providing information
  • Teaching/Training
  • Reporting process
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving


  • Course material
    • Images and step by step instructions
    • Project Files
    • Assessments at the end of each chapter
  • Train the trainer programs will be provided.
  • Newsletter and new technical updation’s will be done through mail to the trainers
  • Webinars by resource persons


  • Almost 95% of the companies use Microsoft Office suite
  • Make the work more easier, faster, error free
  • User friendly
  • Makes our work professional.
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